Public-Private Partnership

PPP is an institutional and organizational alliance of state and business with a view to implementing socially significant projects in the priority sectors of the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

The essence of PPP is to involve private resources, including knowledge, technology, expertise and money in the development of infrastructure assets traditionally related to the competence of the state. At the same time, one of the distinctive features of PPP is a clear division of responsibilities and risks between public and private partners.

Public-Private Partnership Center.

The Public-Private Partnership Center (PPP Center) was established on April 1, 2014 on the site of the Research Economic Institute of the Ministry of Economy. On September 1, 2016 the PPP Center was moved to the structure of the National Agency of Investment and Privatization in order to increase the Center's potential and effectiveness of its interaction with state authorities in attracting investments to the Republic of Belarus.

The main functions of the PPP Center are:

 — evaluation of proposals for the implementation of PPP projects, including PPP concept in accordance with the requirements of legislation;
 — information, organizational and technical support of Interdepartmental Infrastructure Coordination Council;
 — development and maintenance jointly with the state administrative bodies of the  National infrastructure strategy of the Republic of Belarus;
 — advice to government bodies and the private sector regarding PPP and strategic investment for infrastructure development;
 — development of teaching and methodological manuals on infrastructure planning, preparation and implementation of PPP projects;
 — participation in the normative legal base improvement in the sphere of PPP;
 — distribution of relevant and reliable information about the development of PPP in the Republic of Belarus among stakeholders;
 — professional development of government body representatives, organizations and other interested in PPP projects implementation;
 — formation of the PPP projects market in the Republic of Belarus;
ensuring the international exchange of experience in PPP development, including participation in expert working groups on PPP.

Interagency Infrastructure Coordination Council (IICC).

IICC is a permanent collegial body established in accordance with Resolution No. 508 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus as of May 27, 2014, for coordination of long-term development of infrastructure facilities, including on the PPP principles.    

The main tasks of IICC: 

 — elaboration (updating) of the main directions of long-term development of infrastructural assets;
 — definition of approaches and methodology of the Strategy development;
 — approval of the Strategy and annual reports on its implementation;
 — assistance in the development and implementation of public policy with regard to attracting investment for the design, construction and (or) reconstruction, restoration, repair, modernization of the infrastructure through public-private partnership;
 — organization of inter-agency cooperation on the development of infrastructure, including attraction of investments for implementation of projects on infrastructure development in the framework of public-private partnership.


List of projects considered for implementation on the PPP principles of the Republic of Belarus.    

Name of project

Initiator of the project

Preliminary cost of capital expenditures

Current stage of preparation

Reconstruction of the M-10 highway: the border of the Russian Federation (Selishche) — Gomel — Kobrin, km 109.9 — km 195.15

The Ministry of Transport and Communications.

200 million US dollars

The feasibility study for the project is under preparation as part of the agreement between the Republic of Belarus represented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

A preliminary information memorandum on the project was prepared with a brief description of the project, as well as a number of questions for consultations

Reconstruction of the complex of buildings of City Clinical Hospital No.3 in Grodno into Grodno Regional Clinical Oncology Center

Grodno Regional Executive Committee

100 million US dollars.

Negotiations are underway to attract the International Finance Corporation to finance the preparation of the project

Construction of three children's preschool institutions in Minsk region

Minsk Regional Executive Committee

13.2 million US dollars.

With the financial support of the European Union, a selected consortium of consultants is developing a feasibility study for the project

Designing and construction of the ambulance station in Baranovichi

Baranovichi City Executive Committee

4.3 million US dollars

Sources for preparation and subsequent implementation of the project are being searched


Law of the Republic of Belarus on public-private partnership


Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus on measures to implement Law of the Republic of Belarus on public-private partnership


Resolution of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus on public-private partnership projects

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